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Landscape Design

Using a variety of complementary plants to create an inviting entrance to the home

Earth~Draws Landscape Design Fees

·       Initial Consultation; Via email or phone. No charge.

·       On-site Consultation; Visit residence/business to take precise measurements of site and interview specific desires of clients.  $75/ hour   (1hour minimum)   If desired, designer will bring a contract that specifies work desired and a calendar to set up the job’s schedule. (Travel charge applies for out of Seattle-area clients.)

·       First Deliverables and Plant List; Hand drawn sketch of plan with site measurements and common plant names listed. This is not a final landscape plan, but may suit the needs of clients who need suggestions for plantings and small areas.  Fee varies per individual job. ($150 base)

·         Landscape Plan; Carefully scaled and hand lettered with a great degree of attention-to-detail. A work of art in itself. Landscape designs illustrate each plant as a symbol, provide full botanical names as well as concise plant descriptions such as leaf color, texture and mature plant size. ($300 base) An urban lot typically runs $500-$700.

·         Maintenance Plan; A month-to-month plan of useful maintenance tips such as when to fertilize, prune or cut back your plants to keep your new landscape beautiful for many years to come. ($100 base)

·         Installation and Maintenance Labor; $35/hour (3 hour minimum) for installing a client’s design. Client must provide all plants, soil, soil amendments and fertilizers used. I am happy to give recommendations regarding what will be required for specific sites ahead of time.

·         Additional landscape maintenance $35/hour (3 hour minimum) for other areas of yard not included in design or maintenance of existing landscape.

Allison Brooke Pennell copyright 2007

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