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Landscape Consulting

A consultation can be a onetime information session, a gardening question and answer period or a jumping off point in beginning the design process. The choice is yours. Please feel free to discuss your concerns, this is your landscape and my goal is to share expertise and make you feel satisfied with the results.

Following an initial consultation, if you want to proceed with a design a bid will be calculated for your area.  You can expect a final landscape plan to range from $300-$700, depending on space and complexity. This is a bid for design plan and plant legend. The bid does not include plants, soil amendment or installation. All labor and maintenance will be billed on a per hour basis.

Let’s get this growing, please email me at, obtain and fill out the initial client preference questionnaire before we meet for the first time. It helps you prepare by thinking about what you really want to achieve through this process. You can send it back to me before or have it ready to discuss during our meeting.

The fee for landscape consulting is $75 an hour.

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